Exemption Regulation- O.Reg.697-21

This regulation was passed in October 2021, well after AECOM’s initial engagement and PIC 1.  The regulation takes the unprecedented step of granting final Environmental Assessment Act approval to the Bradford Bypass based on state of the Environmental and all relative Ontario Legislation in effect in 1997, some 25 years ago. It eliminates the requirement for a current Class EA study. The only remaining approvals required for this highway are those beyond Ontario’s jurisdiction for which a permit or other form of formal approval is required.  This is essentially endangered species, fisheries and Canada Transport Bridge approvals. OF note, the requirement to conduct Archaeological Studies remains however.  This is presumably to ensure that the the Ontario Heritage Act is not violated as only a licenced Archaeologist can disturb an archaeological site. We hope that this also means that this requirement will prevent MTO from destroying the Lower Landing but only time will tell. 

We submitted comments to the Environmental Bill of Rights once we learned of the government’s intention to dramatically soften legislated environmental protections, but as usual our comments fell on deaf ears.


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