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The Ontario government has resurrected an obsolete 1997 Environmental Assessment to build a 16.2 KM, controlled access, freeway connecting Highways 404 with 400.


This freeway will run approximately 1 km north of and parallel to Queensville Sideroad and Bradford’s 8th Line.  The above picture is roughly what the freeway will look like where the freeway traverses 17.2 hectares of provincially significant wetlands and adjacent roads.


The bridge over Yonge St., by the south end of Silver Lakes Golf Course, will commence with an elevated structure.  The start of this structure is estimated to be 700 metres east of Yonge St.  The freeway will remain elevated east of Yonge St. to clear the adjacent wooded wetlands, the river and the wetlands on the west side of the river.  This structure will likely descend to ground level about 500 metres past Albert’s Marine.  Thereafter it will rise again for an interchange at Bathurst and once again to cross the West Bank of the Holland River and associated wetlands.