So far Ford has:

  • Decimated the size of Toronto City Council in the middle of an election,

  • Hit us with a deluge of developer friendly, environmentally destructive, MZO’s.

  • Taken his opposition to the climate necessary carbon tax to the Supreme Court of Canada at tax payers’ expense – needless to say he lost!

  • Used the “Notwithstanding Clause” to stifle political opposition – and yet, he won’t do the same to enforce vaccination requirements in the workplace.

  • And now, having recently passed its “exemption regulation, we are guaranteed to get a sprawl producing 16 km toll highway through the Holland Marsh, The Greenbelt, and the middle of Bradford and Queensville.


Unlike some of other environmental groups, who are commenting on this matter, we are not just disappointed, we are outraged!

Under Ford, a Rule of Law regime means:  if you don’t like the law, change it, even if you have to do it retroactively or invoke the Notwithstanding Clause.

Developer friendly Doug and his sidekick Carolyn Mulroney have developed a strategy to convince everyone the Bradford Bypass is absolutely necessary to solve out-of-the-way-travel problems south of Cooks Bay and traffic congestion in Bradford.  The fact that it will irreversibly impact this extremely environmentally sensitive location is of no material concern.  With only two notable exceptions, this strategy has been extremely successful to date!

The City of Barrie and Township of Brock, passed resolutions challenging MTO about this highway.  Virtually all other municipal councils together with York Region and Simcoe County strongly support the Bradford Bypass.  It’s strongest support appears to come from Bradford’s Mayor Rob Keffer.  Rob has gone so far as to personally write letters to all Lake Simcoe Watershed councils urging them to pass resolutions in support of the much needed Bradford Bypass.  Makes one wonder if he too isn’t developer friendly!

Although they won’t want to admit it now, all of these elected officials have been duped by Developer Doug and his sidekick Carolyn Mulroney. Ford is even counting on having duped the majority of Ontarians to get re-elected. The only thing we know so far about how he proposes to manage the province, if re-elected, is that he will spend billions of taxpayer dollars to build Highway 413 and the Bradford Bypass.

Simply put, he’s essentially saying “give me a blank cheque for highways and trust me for everything else”.  We’d rather elect anyone else, as long as they consult with us about their proposed actions and act with integrity.  While everyone realizes that politicians tend to stretch the truth during a heated election campaign that is dramatically different than developing and implementing a focused government disinformation program over an entire term of office to reward your friends by promoting sprawl.



This is all a huge Ford / Mulroney Bait & Switch Scam


The 1997 EA Study Report, which is the legal basis upon which the Bradford Bypass received EA approval clearly stresses:

  • MTO will only address solutions within MTO’s mandate,

  • The appropriate Municipal Government, not the Province, is responsible for intra-­municipal transportation.

  • “The opportunity to relieve congestion and its effects, both now and in the future, is dependent on there being a viable alterative(s) which, on balance, has less impact on the environment.”

Regional roads connecting Ravenshoe Road to Simcoe’ Line 13 and Queensville Sideroad to Bradford’s 8th Line (via Bathurst and Hocreiter Rd.) are what’s required to solve these traffic problems.  A controlled access (toll) highway through the middle of Bradford and Queensville will only cause unwanted sprawl and even more congestion due to induced demand.


Developer Doug and his side kick Carolyn have sold us a total bill of goods! 


Everything about this highway is based on dangerously obsolete facts. If nothing else, it is Mulroney’s obligation to her constituents to point out everything that is wrong about the Bradford Bypass and fight to stop it. Protection of the health of Lake Simcoe clearly trumps the need for this highway in this location.  Mulroney has purposely failed miserably in the discharge of these obligation to her constituents!

The “reasons” for choosing the Bradford Bypass corridor over one of the “ring route” corridors south of Highway 9 no longer exist. Once these “reasons” are removed and the need to protect the health of Lake Simcoe is taken into account, the Aurora / Newmarket Outer Ring Road discussed in Section 3.5.2 of the Bradford Bypass 1997 EA Study Report becomes the clear preferred corridor.

Our detailed report on this Bait & Switch Scam can be found here: